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Awakening a movement of holistic leadership training for church leaders
Promoting holistic and continuous TRANSFORMATION… through high impact CONNECTIONS and strategic partnerships…resulting in INSPIRATION to lead with integrity and competence

T-LINK proposes a holistic

solution for the following challenges

Our Strategy

Strategic partnerships empower local institutions in remote areas to provide relevant, contextualized, and competency-based leadership training to pastors in local churches.




Competency-based training for seasoned leaders.

Most MABL programs are not designed for senior pastors. We offer a MABL in conjunction with local theological institutions to equip local pastors to build core vision, values and strategies for effective leadership development into the church DNA and culture. Since we focus on the leaders of the church, our program is focused on hands-on transformation customized to each leader and his church. This process builds godly character (heart), forges a strong theology and worldview (head), and nurtures relational and practical skills (hand). Each pastor will discuss how his church will develop mature and passionate Christ followers, well rounded and spirit powered leaders and dynamic and effective leadership teams, that lead with integrity, competence and compassion in every dimension of life (family, work, ministry and society). Also, how he will identify and groom the next generation of leaders to become effective disciplers of others, resulting in the multiplication of healthy churches for generations!


Closing the gap between theological institutions and the church.

We promote cooperative, interdependent and synergistic partnerships between theological institutions and local churches. Our MABL is the first step to promote a gradual transition at theological institutions to a theological education that is holistic, contextualized, relevant and competency-based. TLINK provides training to assist institutions in the preparation and implementation process. Our goal is to establish a network of theological institutions who want to actively partner with the local church in their ministry, theology, and leadership training efforts.


Assisting leadership formation in and for the local church.

The local church sits at the heart of God’s leadership development strategy as the natural, rich environment in which whole-life leadership development and discipleship can be fostered. We encourage the church to engage in inquiry, reflection, assessment and alignment of its practices, structures and worldview to biblical principles. Once a pastor concludes the MABL, he and his church embrace a strategy to build up the church for ministry, raising new leaders, multiplying the church, and impacting the kingdom. This leadership training not only occurs in the church, but it is tailored to the specific context of the local church, with its particlar challenges and opportunities.

Together, we can be used by God!

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